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I have worked in various customer services environments for the last 12 years, improving and developing my skills when dealing with internal and external clients. I have developed a reputation for problem-solving, superior customer relations skills and thriving in fast-paced environments.


I have been trained by top Industry Leaders in various Industries, ranging from face to face interaction to the telephonic communications, emotional intelligence, one on one presentations and group presentations to gain new clients and business. I have much experience in the Insurance industry, recruitment, distribution and consultancy, all of which have required me to give the best customer experience anyone can expect.


I have a deep passion for people and became a Certified Life Coach to pursue my dream; I am certified not only as a Master Life Coach but also:


Master NLP Coach

Master Hypnotherapist Practitioner

Master Time Line Healing Practitioner

Business Coach
Relationship Coach
Student and Scholar Coach

Master Time Quintessence Techniques Practitioner


People development, motivation and their success is where I will leave my mark in this world.


I believe that every single client has the ability within them to achieve the greatness they were created for, I believe that their potential and abilities is endless regardless of where they come from, what they have and have not experienced, and each person can shape their destiny when they believe they must change it.

Warmest Regards,

Renaldo Leigh Johnson
Master Life Coach

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