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What is Relationship coaching?

The name sort of tells it all, doesn’t it? Relationship coaches work with clients – typically a couple or a family – to deal with what is often a very personal issue, or issues. Most relationship coaches and clients meet face-to-face simply because of the nature of the coaching. Relationships are more successful because people are interacting face-to-face. The same holds true for relationship coaches and clients.

While relationship coaching deals with personal and sensitive issues that require absolute confidentiality, it should be made very clear that coaching is NOT counseling. 

It is still coaching: the coaching helping the client discover and understand what it is the client really wants in/from a relationship, and then determine the steps accomplish those goals. It is not about delving into the client’s past or emotional issues or traumas. It is totally focused on the now and the future.

Relationship coaches work with singles who want to learn how to be better at making dating decisions, finding a spouse, where to meet and how to decide upon a potential Mr. or Ms. Right. These same coaches work with married couples who are looking for a little direction is improving their marriages. 

Sometimes they work with couples who are considering marriage and need some unbiased help in determining what their marriage might look like and how to get there. While relationship coaches work with couples who may be experiencing difficulties, they do not coach couples in abusive or seriously failing relationships.

The coaching alliance empowers couples to become more conscious in their relationship, thus enabling them to move forward with greater awareness and presence.  It also assists couples to identify the roadblocks that interfere with achieving their vision.

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What people say:

"Hi Renaldo

The coaching we done together has helped me in many ways

Things that I had booked out for many years I have had the courage to bring to surface and deal with, you would know the times I was almost in tears during our discussions. I now NO longer cry about, I have also had the courage to start dating again which by the way is going beautifully! Your one on one talks are very helpful and I bet many people would benefit from them."  

Thank you

Terry Juries 


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