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What is Scholar and Student coaching?

Scholar and student coaching is all about assisting students with life coaching principles and techniques to deal with various situations that they encounter in their lives to live a more fulfilled life at present and also to help them create the lives they want in the process. 

What is a Scholar and Student coach?

A scholar and student coach is someone who observes performance, shares knowledge and expertise, and provides encouragement to assist students in reaching continuously higher levels of performance. Coaching enables students to develop their thinking and actions in response to differing situations.  

Reanimate Scholar & Student Coaching Course

At Reanimate coaching we have engineered  a unique coaching course for teens designed to develop and build a strong sense of identity, our course will enrich and inspire them utilizing the latest in behavioral change technology.

We ensure each individual teen is left with dynamic self-development tools, which will significantly empower them to achieve what ever they set there mind to.


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What Students say:

“Hi Renaldo, I’m a student from Kwgase… don’t know if you remember me its Tebo…I’d Love to thank you once again for the life changing course it was truly a blessing to meet you.. I was elected as Head boy this year after following your advice and I’m striving to ace my examinations…Hope you’re doing good carry on doing what you’re doing...” 

Tebo Mark Mabua( Head-boy)

“Renaldo was a suave coach worked well with me and my friends, I managed to work with him and also have a good time. The coaches successfully grabbed audience’s attention and were also Friendly” 

– Victor Nathan Sullivan (Gr 11 Student)

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