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Life coaching

* Defining, developing, and implementing a personal strategy for living
* Clearly identifying and articulating one’s inner goals/desires
* Establishing alignment between self and soul, work, family, and nature
* Developing strategies to overcome roadblocks/eliminating limiting beliefs
* Stepping outside their comfort zone to achieve their goals
* Career transition: transitioning from current career to new career
* Defining a personal strategy to start a business, lose weight, or find a job

Business coaching

* Unify and accelerate organizational growth.
* Enable leaders to effectively manage people
* Improve Team performance: Team-building
* Remove blocks to adaptability, vitality, passion and willingness to go the extra      mile by clarifying personal and organizational values.
* Conflict management
* Career Coaching
* Recruitment

Relationship Coaching

* Discover what you really want in a Committed Partner
* Uncover and eliminate your unique “roadblocks to love”
* Learn how to establish and deepen your emotional connection with your              partner.
* Learn how design a ‘living alliance’  with your partner that fully supports          your mutual needs for friendship, intimacy, and personal growth.
* Learn how to enlist the support of the universe in your quest for love and fulfillment.

Scholar and student Coaching

* Stronger personal presence built on confidence and integrity
* Ownership of actions vs. blame and judgment
* Establishing Identity
* Increased social and self-awareness
* Create better study habits and techniques.

* Career Coaching



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What People say:

"Hi my superstar Renaldo, 

Just thought I’d give you some feedback on your amazing role in helping me get to the point I am now in and to the bigger picture I now have (not only for work but for my life as well)

It is such a great feeling one has when an email from you pops up, it just puts a smile on my face and gives me food for thought every time. Over the past few weeks of interacting with you, not only via email but on the encounters we have had, I can say I have grown so much. Realizing my true potential and seeing how my life is after all in my hands and within my control.

As I told you, I have now been tasked with a role to do audits for my department – which on its own is a huge accomplishment. This is a huge step to me achieving my goals and moving forward or progressing rather, to even bigger and better things that I still out there for me to reach.  So I have started today taking acting action towards achieve I have set for myself"  

Kind regards   

Sindisiwe Ntini 

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