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One-on-One Coaching

Would it be beneficial to you to be liberated from the automated programs running & ruining your life; resolve unprocessed negative emotions from the past; to be empowered to take control over your present results and thereby redesign your future

The latest coaching techniques available are used to assist you in getting rid of:

Unprocessed Negative Emotions such as Hurt & Anger, Fear & Panic, Guilt & Regret, Shame & Remorse, Embarrassment.

Identity Issues like Low Self esteem, Lack of confidence, Low self image, Lack of self confidence.

Addictions & Substance Abuse such as smoking, Pain medication addictions etc.

Psychological Challenges like Depression, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias.

Group Coaching

Are you looking for a small or large group training for your team, school, university or organization geared to help employees, students or others in achieving higher levels of success?

Reanimate Life Coaching offers customized training events to meet your specific organizational needs and culture that include the following:

Power of Beliefs
Creating Lasting Change
Understanding why you do what you do
Understanding your focus
Goal Setting

Format and length of training can be customized to fit the needs and culture of each setting. Donít see a topic of interest here? Contact Reanimate to discuss your specific training needs.

Reanimate Life coaching is aligned with the following globally renowned leaders in the Coaching and Motivation field:

NLPCP The Federation of NLP Coaching Professionals was established to support the growing community of individuals that contribute to the world of NLP by using their skills in a coaching context.

The Coaches and Mentors of South Africa is a professional umbrella association for individual and corporate providers, buyers, and trainers of coaching and mentoring services.

GFSMCP The Global Federation for Spiritual Mentors and Coaching Professionals was established to unify and accelerate the growth of the mentors and coaches industry across the world.

Let's Live Coaching
Let's-Live Coaching has grown from a Life Coaching Academy to a Life Coaching institute and has now emerged into global alliance of professional Mentors and Coaches. This alliance makes them extremely unique and empowers them to offer various accredited and certified courses.

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